BLAKKY - About Us

blakky is an exclusive on-line shop..

It is a youthful and dynamic website which offers to its members accessories, clothes and objects of the best international fashion trade marks and not only...
Sales are organized in events or specific categories, brands and limited promotions, advantages are even more exclusive.
sections: fashion accessories, prêt-à-porter, sports equipment, high-tech.
A wide distribution and a big stock turnover allow us to offer cheaper price than other products on the market, and we can guarantee quality and authenticity of our products.
blakky is an exclusive shop and is exclusively reserved to its members.
In order to become part of the Community of blakky it is necessary to register in the home page by clicking on the button "register" and activate your Account. Registered members will be able to see prices of products; will be periodically updated about news, events and new arrivals; will have special promotional codes with more discounts; they will be able to accumulate credits which they will use for their purchases and they will invite their friends.
The registration is completely free and without any obligation of purchasing.
in case of special events, an e-mail containing a video or some photos about the event will be sent to members two days before the beginning of the event. When the selling begins it is possible to purchase exclusively on line and through a payment SSL system. Each “selling event” lasts at least from 2 to 4 days and the products on the catalogue are available while stocks last.


Selling on blakky can be arranged in various ways, but the most important aim is always the cheapest price.
In the “shop window” there are the categories of items which are available at the time and in each category you will find all the items and their sizes, quantities and colors. They will be available while stocks last.
"Special Events!!" when each selling becomes an exclusive event. This lasts only for a few days (from 2 to 4 days) and sometimes more sales take place simultaneously. A personal invitation will be sent via e-mail a few days before the opening of each sale. “Special selling” will finish at the end of the event or while stocks last.
Discounts and offers...more advantages and discounts for all members.
Special combination of purchasing, products that won’t be in stock again, seasonal products...this and even more will be offered only to our members.
All sales are characterized by a wide range and by a proper selection of items. Prices will be reduced up to 70%.
On blakky you will find different items: prêt-à-porter, fashion accessories, items, sport equipment and high-tech.


How to order one or more products.
blakky is like a traditional on-line shop. We tried to simplify each step and procedure. However, you will need some information.
The first step is accessing the website through your Log-in.
In the window shop or in any events you will be able to find and choose the products. You can choose what you want and add it to your cart.
Your cart is booked and you can continue to buy and surf the net for 20 minutes. Then the cart will automatically empty and the selected items will be on sale again. Each item that you add will be shown to you again until you decide to stop purchasing.
By accessing your cart you will be able to see a list of the added items, so that you will be able to modify their quantity or delete them.
At the end you will se the total amount of the order and you will be able to pay. You will have to confirm your order and it will be registered.
From this moment you won’t be able to go back to the previous step because the information about your purchasing would have been definitely registered and confirmed. The registration of your order will be confirmed via e-mail after the payment.
By accessing the area “my profile/account” you’ll be able to check the status of your order , verify its position thanks to the shipping code that you received via e-mail, and download the purchasing bill (PDF file).


blakky offers to its members a service called InSostituito, which guarantees the satisfaction of your purchasing.
If you are not satisfied of your order or of a part of it you can communicate to us your intention to return one product or more within ten days of delivery of products.
The restitution will be valid only if it is made within ten days of the delivery.
If you return the product after this term, our return service might reject the parcel and sent it back to you.
If the cause of the return is due to a mistake made by us, as for instance an item which doesn’t comply with its description or which is faulty, after that our Customer Service has checked the problem, we will send you an e-mail with the confirmation, so that you will be able to send us the product without paying the shipping charges.
In other circumstances, as for instance if the product doesn’t fulfill your expectations, the shipment charges will be paid by you and you will be responsible for the risks deriving from the return.

How does InSostituito work?

access to the contact form that you need to fill in if you want to return a product. You can find it in your account/profile page in the InSostituito section.
Select the partial or total order of the product/products that you want to return and send the precompiled request “I wish to return a product”;
Indicate why you want to return the product and if you want you can add more information in order to help us, for example if you ordered a wrong size and the right size for you is available, we would be glad to send it to you.
As soon as you receive the confirmation of the restitution via e-mail, you can prepare your order InSostituito. If it’s possible use the original package or use a package in conformity with regulations and which protects the items. Send us the product that you want to return by means of a courier.
Insert the item in its original package (for instance in the cellophane and/or with its related accessories), together with the transport document and every item which is specified on the goods return note.
Norms about replacement:
a. The shipment charges won’t be refunded.
b. The replacement costs will be paid by the customer, apart from when it is our fault. c. The product, the package and its content must be given back intact and undamaged.
d. If you return the product without respecting the above mentioned conditions, it will be refunded only partially on the basis of the conditions of the product and of packages.