Informative art. 13 D. Lgs. 196/2003 – additional to the informative which are on Owner of the handling The owner of the handling of data collected through this website is Blakky SRL – Via del Chiesino, 29 - 56025 Pontedera (PI), P.IVA 02191510508 (hereinafter ""): it decides autonomously about the purposes and procedures of the handling and security measures applied to guarantee data privacy, integrity and availability.  The assignment of data can be optional or compulsory  The assignment to of your personal data which is requested on different occasions can be necessary in order to reach the purposes identified in the relative informative, or it can be optional.  It is always specified- with reference to the specific information required- if the assignment is optional or compulsory. When you insert the data you find a symbol (*) when the information is compulsory.    If you decide not to give the compulsory data, it will be impossible to pursue the most important aim of the specific data collection: your refusal might, for instance, imply that won’t be able to execute the contract for the purchase of products on and to provide other services that are available on (e.g. service centers - Contact the customer service -, the sending of the newsletter). The assignment to of more data, different from those which are not marked as compulsory (such as for instance the name of your favorite designer), is optional and doesn’t imply any consequence concerning the pursuit of the the most important aim of the specific data collection (for instance, according to the circumstances, the use of the website and of its services or the purchasing of its products).    People responsible for the handling   At the moment, people responsible for the handling of your personal data are:  Bartolini, SDA, responsible for the handling of data which is necessary for the shipping, delivery and return of products purchased on our website;  Blakky SRL  We ask you to read this section at regular intervals, in order to check the possible variations of the above mentioned people responsible.  Your rights From you always have the right to obtain the confirmation of the handling or not of your personal data, even if it hasn't been registered yet, and their communication.  From you also have the right to obtain information about the source of your personal data; aims and procedures of the handling; the system applied in case data processing is done through electronic devices; essential data of the owner and of the person responsible for the handling; the indication of subjects or categories of subjects to whom data can be communicated or that can learn about it because they are, for instance, people responsible for the handling. This information is included in this  Privacy Policy. Moreover you always have the right to receive from a) any updates, rectifications and integration of your personal data;   b) the deletion, the transformation in anonymous data or the block of your personal data which are used unlawfully, included those for which the conservation is not necessary in connection with the aims for which they have been collected and then used;  the attestation that the operations mentioned in a) and b) are acknowledged by those to whom data have been communicated, except for the case when this fulfillment is impossible or implies a commitment which is too high compared to the right protected.     You have to right to disagree totally or partially with:  the handling of your personal data related to the aim of the collection, because of  a legitimate reason;   b) the handling of your personal data in order to send advertising or marketing material or in order to do market research or business communication research.  You can exercise your rights when you want by sending a written request to - to the postal address or e-mail address  HYPERLINK " clienti" and we will answer as soon as possible.  In order to guarantee that your personal data is always correct, updated, relevant and complete, please notify us of any modification at the address  HYPERLINK " clienti"    - Art. 130, paragraph 4, d. lgs 196/2003 We inform you that that the norm with the security of your personal data envisages that - without your acceptance- might use your data in order to sell you products similar to those that you have already purchased, unless you refuse this usage of your e-mail address.   - Guarantor’s measure of the 19th of June 2008, which concerns the simplification of fulfillment for the handling of data aimed at administrative and accounting purposes. We also inform you that with a measure the Guarantor has allowed to use your postal address to send you -together with administrative and accounting documents- promotional material about products similar to those that you have already bought, unless you refuse this usage of your postal address. The above given information is that which is obliged to give you. If you want further information about the handling of your personal data by, please read this Privacy Policy in full.   Our privacy policy in short   The principles on which our privacy policy is based are:  1. to handle data only for the aims and according to the modalities showed in the informative given at the moment of collection;  2. to use data for targets different from those for which data have been collected, only if the user gives his/her consent;  3. to make available data to third societies only with the aim of supplying the requested service and on the occasion of an appointment as responsible for the handling; not to communicate, give or transfer data to third parties if users haven’t been informed and  their consent given;   4. to satisfy the request of deleting, modifying, inserting given data or of refusing the handling of data to send promotional and marketing information;    5. to assure a proper data management, by preserving the users’ privacy, and to apply security measures to protect the privacy, integrity and availability of given data.    How and why we handle your personal data   Personal data is handled essentially in an electronic and telematic way by and by other subjects which are selected on the basis of their reliability and competence and which execute instrumental operations in order to improve the use of the website, its services and the purchasing of product on the website (see paragraph "Subjects who can handle your personal data” below). The specific aims for which data is handled are recapitulated from time to time in the informative ex art. 13, d. lgs 196/2003, which is showed to the user when he/she gives his/her personal data.  In general, data is handled in order to supply the following services by accessing our website:    1. registration to the website, in order to benefit from the respective service;  2. accession to specific and additional services, such as our newsletter and other similar information services about our activity , the invitation for your friends to access the world of, introduce yourself to other users by sending your photo and comments;   3. make orders and other related activities;    4. managing your requests: technical, about business and the status of your order  and other information;   5. contact the representative of our services (Press agency, Business Development, Web Marketing, Purchase  Department, Customer Service);  6. request of assessment for your employment, by sending your CV.   We try to respect a necessity principle for what concerns the handling of data which can directly or not, allow us to identify you.   For this reason we set up our website so that the use of your personal data is reduced to the minimum: the handling of your data is avoided when you can use anonymous data (e.g. for market research aimed at the improvement of services) or other modalities which allow us to identify the user only if necessary or if it’s requested by the authorities or the police (e.g. for data concerning traffic, your permanence on the website and your IP address).    Under certain circumstances, as it is expressed in the informative and after your consent,  your data will be  processed in order to create profiles on the basis of your preferences and your purchases. This has the purpose to send you specific information.  With the exception of the case described in the art. 130, paragraph 4, d. lgs 196/2003 (according to which the owner will be able to use data for sending promotional e-mails about its products and services similar to those that he/she has already bought, unless he/she refuses this usage), might use your data to send you promotional material only after your consent.    Your data will be communicated to third parties only after your consent, with the exception of those cases for which the communication is compulsory by law or it is necessary for legal aims which don’t require the consent of the user; in those cases, data will be given to third subjects that will handle them only for the above mentioned purposes (e.g., the request of data by police, the Court or other authorities and in order to execute obligations arising from the contract with you, for instance for to communicate your payments for the purchased products to the Banca________).   Any handling purposes different from that for which you gave your personal data, will be highlighted in the informative and will be persecuted by only after obtaining your consent (this happens, for instance, for the activity of profiling of the user according to his/her preferences and purchasing habits).   Furthermore, there is handling which doesn’t require the consent: for instance, we inform you that can handle your personal data without your consent when it is necessary to perform a legal obligation or to execute obligations deriving from our contract (e.g., if you purchased products or used services through our website).    We finally inform you, that your personal data won’t be transferred to those Countries which are not part of the EU and which don’t guarantee an adequate level of protection. might have to handle personal data of third subjects which have been communicated to by its users, such as if the users bought a product which should be delivered to a friend or if the person who pays for the product is not the person to whom the product is designed, or if the user want to signal a service or a product of to a friend.   In these cases, will send the third subject the informative prescribed by the art. 13, d. lgs 196/2003 when it registers his/her data in its file, but you will have to obtain the consent from this person to communicate his/her data to and to inform him/her about this Privacy Policy, because you will be the only one responsible for the communication of information and data concerning third subjects if they haven’t given their consent or if their data is used unlawfully.  We inform you that these people’s consent is not necessary when their data is communicated to for the execution of the contract with, in favor of the third party. reserves the right to delete the registered account and all relative data if we find illicit contents or contents which are offensive to the image of and/or of its products or of third parties, or contents which promote illegal, violent or defaming activities, pornographic material or contents which promote racial, sexual and religious discrimination.       Subjects who can handle your personal data decided to avail itself of third parties for the handling of your personal data for particular activities. Third parties which carry out these operations have been carefully selected and they have experience, ability and reliability and guarantee to respect the current measures concerning the handling and security of personal data.     If necessary these third parties have been appointed "responsible for the handling" and they carry out their activity following the instruction given by and under its control. We periodically check that the people responsible execute their tasks correctly and that they continue to guarantee the respect for the current measures concerning the handling and security of personal data.   Your data is then handled by people in charge of single services; the categories of those people depend on why data have been given and are always indicated in the informative that we give you when you leave your personal data.    Cookies   Our websites uses automatic systems for the collection of  data which haven’t been directly left by the user, such as cookies. A cookie is a device that is transmitted to the user’s hard disk; it doesn’t contain understandable information but it allows to associate the user with the personal information that he/she left on the website. Cookies are placed on our server and no one can access the information that it contains.     Only handles the information collected through the cookies and exclusively in anonymous form in order to optimize its services and its website according to the  user’s specific requirements and preferences.  We established the cookies, according to the browser functions of the catalogue, to the on-line purchasing of products and to the ""  service supply. The browser allows you to delete the cookies at the end of each session. It contains the instruction to delete. Consult it.    The acceptance of the automatic procedures of data collection and of the usage of cookies are necessary for the use of the website and of its services, included the purchasing of products. If you activated the procedure of deletion of the cookies, can’t guarantee the complete display of some web pages or the supply of some services, as for instance the storage and display on the web page of products  that you choose to buy.    Security measures   We take suitable security measures in order to reduce the risks of destruction or data loss, unauthorized access or not conforming to the aims of collection as specified in our Privacy Policy. can’t guarantee its users that the security measures that it took, will limit or exclude any risk of unauthorized access or of dispersion of data by systems which pertain to the user. We ask you to make sure that your computer has an appropriate system for the protection of the handling of data (such as updated antivirus systems) and that your systems supplier had taken suitable security for the transmission of data on the net (for instance firewall and other anti-spam).   Links to other websites     Our website contains links to other websites that may not have any connection with us. doesn’t control, check or supervise those websites and their contents. can’t be considered responsible for the contents of these websites and for the rules they have, included those concerning your privacy and the handling of your personal data during your surfing. When you connect to these website through our links, please read their conditions of use and their Privacy policy carefully. Our Privacy Policy can’t be applied to other websites. Our website offers a link to these websites only to help the user in the search and in surfing (to facilitate the hyper-textual for the access and the surfing of these websites , nor any guarantee concerning their contents, services or products that they offer to users.    Contacts   If you want further information about how handles your personal data, please send an e-mail to:  HYPERLINK " clienti" In order to know your rights and be updated about the norm concerning the protection of people and their personal data, please visit the website of the Guarantor HYPERLINK ""   Applicable law   This Privacy Policy is ruled by the Italian law, in particular by the  law code concerning the protection of personal data (legislative decree of the 30 of June 2003 n. 196) which regulates the handling of personal data (even those held abroad) made by everyone who resides in Italy. The code guarantees that the handling of personal data respects the fundamental rights, liberty, and dignity of people concerned in particular with reference to privacy, personal identity and the right to protect personal data.    Modifications and updates of  Privacy Policy made by will be able to modify or simply update, totally or partly,  the Privacy Policy  of the website, taking into consideration the modification of laws which rule this subject and protect your rights. Modifications and updates of Privacy Policy will be communicated to users on the Home Pages soon as they are applied and they will be effective from their publication on the website. For this reason we suggest you visit this section frequently in order to verify the publication of the most recent and updated Privacy Policy.